I recently had a great opportunity to speak with about 300 people at an event, coaching them through various steps of acquiring apartment buildings. While I was there, I also had a chance to meet Kevin O’Leary, one of the Sharks on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank.  You can see us here together:

Are you protectedMeeting Kevin was a great opportunity. This business is all about relationships, and every person I meet opens a new doorway.

By extension, every person I work with in the future will now have a connection with Kevin O’Leary as well, and you never know what might come of that in the future.

Networking opportunities aside, Kevin and I have some very similar views on the role of wealth generation, and I’ve always admired his drive.

We’re both big believers in making money work for us rather than working hard for our money, and we share the drive and ambition to make that happen.

It’s one of the key lessons I always try to impart to people through my workshops and newsletters: Smart investments and lucrative opportunities are the fastest and most effective way to grow wealth, and pursuing those opportunities with the tenacity of a Shark will ensure the best possible results. 

Sharks are a particularly apt metaphor for this type of financial business, which of course is why ABC probably chose that imagery for their hit TV show.

Sharks have to maintain constant motion in order to survive. They’re always swimming forward. They’re also aggressive hunters, forever on the look-out for their next meal.

In the same way, I’m always on the move for my investors looking for new real estate deals.

That’s the key to building a successful investment business: Moving forward, innovating and aggressively pursuing opportunities so you never miss a good deal.

It’s not hard to become a financial shark, but it does take the right mindset and some practice.

While you’re learning to navigate the waters of investing, you’re welcome to come swim in my tank.

Call me today for ideas on keeping your investment business afloat or launching new opportunities.

I have several deals in my “Deal Tank” that are in need of investors. Contact me now before another savy investor shark gobbles them up.