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How to Build Infinite Wealth

The attainment, management, and growth of wealth is one of the greatest American dreams. When you hear the word wealth, you probably think of a big house, beautiful cars, a yacht and perhaps even more than anything… financial security. So what is wealth, exactly? Is it a lot of money, or is there more to…

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How to Raise Money

Have you ever heard the term OPM or Other People’s Money? When we talk about buying real estate – we’re always talking OPM. (Well, unless you’re incredibly wealthy and have millions in cash, that is.) But why? Why do we use other people’s money to buy assets? Is it because we don’t have the cash,…

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Analyze a Property

Let’s have a little fun, shall we? As an active investor in apartment complexes, there are few things I like better than analyzing a property. Well, except getting up from the closing table with a done deal, of course! Analyzing a property is great fun because you really get to crunch the numbers and see…

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