About Adams Investor Group, LLC

Adams Investor Group, LLC creates real estate syndications by pooling money together to acquire multi-family apartment complexes. Founded on the principal of building wealth for others, we provide investment opportunities where our investors have the ability to generate wealth and cash flow through real estate investing.

We focus on larger complexes due to their high demand, stability in economic change, and strong cash flows year to year.

“While attending a seminar on alternative investing, we met Brian Adams of the Adams Investor Group (AIGP). We were impressed with his straightforward presentation about what he offered & took advantage of the opportunity to invest with him. The smooth process & his accessibility have made us glad we made that decision. I have recommended AIGP to family members & they are happy to be working with him.”

Bob & Marge Campbell, E. Greenville, PA

About Brian Adams

Brian K. Adams is the founding member of Adams Investor Group, LLC. where he actively acquires and manages a robust portfolio of high performing real estate assets. Prior to creating his own firm, Brian was a practicing certified public accountant (CPA) specializing in real estate taxation and forensic accounting.

As a CPA Brian worked at top tier firms serving some of the world’s most elite clientele. He has consulted with high net worth individuals on the overall business impact of their investments including how to maximize tax favorable positions. Brian then linked his technical expertise in real estate accounting with his personal passion for real estate investment to create Adams Investor Group, LLC.

“I was introduced to Brian through a personal friend several years ago, and began investing with him on two different properties just over a year ago in order to expand and diversify my portfolio. I have been very pleased with the investment results thus far and highly impressed with the manner in which Brian has handled all aspects of both the core business and the investments that I’ve made with Adams Investor Group. Brian is the consummate investment professional, and I look forward to continuing to invest and work with him for many years to come!”

KH, Scottsdale, AZ

Having now invested in real estate for almost two decades, Brian has gained extensive experience helping clients understand their tax and cash positions, particularly with regard to investments in real estate.

Brian takes great personal pride in his ability to analyze potential opportunities from a fiscally responsible position and understand the varying business priorities that are important to investors today. Client service is at the foundation of Brian’s business; he remains diligent about his continued education in accounting, tax and real estate investment fields.