What is it like to work with Adams Investor Group, LLC (AIGP)?

Here are some examples of what other investors have said about working with AIGP:

“While attending a seminar on alternative investing, we met Brian Adams of the Adams Investor Group (AIGP). We were impressed with his straightforward presentation about what he offered & took advantage of the opportunity to invest with him. The smooth process & his accessibility have made us glad we made that decision. I have recommended AIGP to family members & they are happy to be working with him.”

Bob & Marge Campbell, E. Greenville, PA

“I was introduced to Brian through a personal friend several years ago, and began investing with him on two different properties just over a year ago in order to expand and diversify my portfolio. I have been very pleased with the investment results thus far and highly impressed with the manner in which Brian has handled all aspects of both the core business and the investments that I’ve made with Adams Investor Group. Brian is the consummate investment professional, and I look forward to continuing to invest and work with him for many years to come!”

KM, Scottsdale, AZ


“We have bought and sold a few single family homes as investments and seriously considered spending the time and energy to build a large portfolio of properties. Then we met Brian Adams.

Brian is down to earth, likable and approachable. Given his background as a CPA, we had no qualms about his ability to crunch numbers and assess a deal. But real estate investing is more than crunching numbers. You have to know the market, understand current value and future potential, and ensure positive cash flow. A seasoned professional is conservative and sees opportunity to increase the recurring cash flow which drives future value. After a few meetings, we decided Brian knew his stuff so we invested in one of his multi-unit apartment deals. Sure seemed like a better idea than doing it ourselves.

As passive investors in real estate we seek safety of principal, above market returns, and transparency. Although no investment is without risk, we believe that taking equity positions in multi-unit apartments alongside a knowledgeable professional will keep our principal safe and earn above market returns. Based on the information Brian provided about the subject property and after several rounds of questions and answers we felt comfortable taking the risk.

Brian is transparent as we expected. In fact, the updates and monthly financial data he provides would keep any CPA enthralled for hours. And we know if we call the AIGP we can speak with Brian directly and get straight answers. The deals we have done with him have yielded returns above expectations.”

Bob & Fran, Exton, PA


“We are thrilled with the investment opportunities that Brian Adams has presented to us over the past three years.

We made two investments with Adams Investor Group, each of which returned approximately 38% annually.

We made the decision to work with Brian after several meetings in which we witnessed his accounting expertise and how he conducts a detailed analysis of investments. We were further impressed with Brian’s ability to see the “bigger picture” of the real estate landscape, including his analysis of an area’s job growth.

Brian is very generous with his time; he met with us on three different occasions to answer all of our questions. For each investment, he provided timely updates about the management of the asset and its financial performance. He also shared his analysis of the projected outcome on a regular basis.

Brian’s level of detail and transparency removed any feelings of guesswork or uncertainty on our part. He was always extremely responsive to any questions.
Brian Adams has integrity, is a pleasure to work with, and has been extremely successful for us.

Investing with Adams Investor Group has been a great experience, and we intend to continue to increase our investment in future projects.”

Karen Fischer
Michael Yalowitz


“We own a few rental properties but wanted to diversify in real estate investing. We weren’t really sure how to get started. We were referred to Adams Investor Group by a trusted friend.

We partnered with Brian Adams and began with flipping houses. We invested and enjoyed a nice return on our investment.

Soon after Brian purchased a large apartment complex in Texas and asked us to consider this investment opportunity which we did.

We are grateful for this partnership. Brian Adams is a courteous and professional real estate investor who is easily accessible to answer any questions. His accounting background has equipped him to make financially smart decisions and also oversee the management of the apartment complexes.

He keeps investors current on the properties they have invested in sharing improvements (including photos and costs involved). His desire is to continually improve the units which result in higher occupancy and value of the apartments. We are happy to refer Adams Investor Group to our friends and family.”

Bob and Gail Thibodeau


“I have known Brian Adams more than 7 years and invested in four of his properties.

I would like to simply tell you the reasons why I chose Brian to work with for real estate investing.

1. Brian is trustworthy, professional and works very hard on what he is doing;
2. Brian is very conscientious and responsible on the project he chooses to invest and very engaged in the whole project;
3. Also, Brian is very transparent about the properties business, he always delivers the statements and cash flow checks on time

I think the above are the key reasons for why I chose Adams Investor Group to work with.

I believe I made the right decision and look forward to working with AIGP more in future.”

Kate Davis, Prescott, AZ


“I have invested in over 15 multifamily, commercial, and self storage projects.

Of all these projects, Brian has had by far the best reporting and transparency.

I also had the highest returns on his deals as well. I was particularly impressed at the way he overcame issues with the properties. I will absolutely invest with him in the future.”

Eric N. Shelly DMD West Chester PA


”I myself am a CPA. I have made three investments with Brian, all providing investment returns in excess of 30%.

I endorse Brian and have referred my own clients to him as an alternative to investing in the stock market.

The fact that I am putting my own name on the line is testament to how much I trust Brian and am pleased with all of his professionalism and hard work from beginning to end on each of my previous investments.”

Joe Sundheim, CPA


”Brian Adams is the best, all around. He is very transparent and an amazing communicator. I have been very impressed with my investments with him and plan on investing with him more in the future.”

Lindsay Gordon


”I met Brian in 2016 and have done 2 deals with him. The first one closed with an annual return just above 32%.

The second one closed with an annual return of just above 34%.

Brian is very knowledgeable when it comes to analyzing these deals and conservative in his approach.

Both deals produced better returns than expected and communication was excellent throughout the process.

I’ve done 10 syndications to date and Brian is one of the best that I’ve worked with and I’d 100% recommend him.”

Eric Schafer, Columbia, MO


“Over the last five years I’ve done several deals with Brian. Every deal has been a winner. Just as important as making profitable investments doing business with Brian has been an absolute pleasure. His professionalism, his attention to detail and his single-minded focus on delivering results for his investors is the reason why I continue to invest with Brian.”

Teeka Tiwari San Juan, Puerto Rico


“I have known Brian Adams for several years, right after he did his first syndication deal. My only regret is not investing in EVERY one of his deals.

Besides being a prudent investor at the “buy” point, Brian has shown a remarkable skill of consistently being transparent throughout an ownership of an asset. You hear from him all the details in such a way that you can have peace of mind that the property or asset is in good hands with Brian and his team.

The returns, while eye popping, have been a hallmark of the whole process. Brian buys correctly, manages a property to achieve its utmost potential, and when it is time to move the asset, he does so in a profitable manner.”

Anil Dham, Royersford, PA


“We appreciate investing with the Adams Investor Group because:

1) The returns are great and have a very low hassle factor. I have done a number of “roundtrips” with Brian and every one has been very profitable.
2) Brian is great at what he does. I have been an active real estate investor for 25 years and I can tell that he knows what he is doing.
3) Brian is an excellent communicator, keeps his clients well informed, and returns communications promptly.
4) Brian is honest and transparent in his dealings.
5) Brian is patient and only does a deal when it makes sense. No pushing just to get a deal done.

I plan to keep investing with Brian as long as he continues to syndicate.”

Jeff Bryan, Lafayette Hill, PA


“I have known Brian for many years. We were introduced at an investor meeting by someone we have known, invested with and trust, and then at many more such meetings over the years.

Brian is a very experienced CPA and a very conservative buyer. So, in other words, he will not jump into a deal just to get a deal under his belt. He will make sure it makes sense on all levels. He is very thorough and detailed in his analysis and reporting.

We’ve had a very positive experience and look forward to the next deal/investment! Thanks Brian!”

Barb & Jon Eichlin, Perkasie, PA


“When I decided I wanted to diversify into real estate investments, it was a natural fit to turn to someone I’ve known (for over 4 decades now) and trusted with Brian at Adams Investor Group.

I’ve since done several deals with Brian over the years, each being a very successful investment.

What impresses me with Brian and AIGP are 3 key aspects.

One, when Brian brings an opportunity to the table, I know it is well vetted, and meets the criteria he has set out for driving maximum value and returns. It’s quality over quantity.

Two, the investor process is seamless and transparent. From well documented investor decks, video updates to keep posted on potential sale conversations, to monthly investor updates complete with executive summaries down to detailed ledger line items, it’s full transparency and meeting the investor at whatever level they prefer to be involved at.

Three, Brian and AIGP are always available for questions or additional communication about your investment.

Highly recommend and look forward to many more profitable investments.”

Nate Holm, Austin, TX

“We have invested with Brian Adams on the successful purchase and resale of two apartment buildings. In both cases he had a clear plan for adding value to those buildings, he explained that plan clearly before we entered the investment, he executed it methodically and communicated progress regularly. And in both cases, he knocked it out of the park, delivering returns significantly higher than we expected. We are always happy to learn of new opportunities to invest with Brian.”

Jason and Susan Ross, Lynchburg VA


“We have been involved in every deal with Brian Adams and the Adams Investor Group (AIGP) since its inception.

We have enjoyed 30% + return on our investments.

Working with Brian has been seamless. His professionalism, constant communications regarding the status of our investments, and his attention to details is one of the “Quality Factors” that has helped Brian attain the financial goals we have enjoyed.

I would Highly recommend the Adams Investor Group (AIGP) and look forward to many more profitable investments.”

Steve & Mary Adams, Lancaster, PA


“I have been involved in four deals with Brian starting back in 2016. This has been a unique opportunity for me, as I do not always have exposure to real estate deals like these.

Brian’s conservative and thoughtful approach has lined up perfectly with my comfort pertaining to risk and scale. His updates are informative and precise, showing both that he is fully engaged as well as strategic in his planning as each deal moves forward. I have earned up to 40% returns over as short as an 18 month period, as well as consistent income streams with his exiting AIGP fund.

I don’t hesitate when a new deal comes along, and I have had friends and colleagues join in after I introduced them to Brian, and they have had similar success.”

Joel R. Perloff, MD, Garnet Valley, PA


“I am very comfortable trusting my money to Brian’s investment opportunities. I appreciate his buying discipline and then his management process once he acquires a property. While not directly managing the properties, he is clearly engaged in the details and communicates the status of the investment clearly and transparently.”

Lisa Lemire, Fort Washington, PA


“I first met Brian Adams through a close friend of mine who invited us over to his home to meet with Brian and other individuals to review some real estate investment opportunities.

Brian was clear and precise in his presentation. I felt comfortable knowing that his financial background included working as a CPA for a number of years and also with a prestigious Law Firm where he gained valuable knowledge and experience working on real estate syndications.

My first investment with Adams Investor Group resulted in a 34% rate of return over a 15 month period. I was extremely pleased with these results.

Currently, I have funds invested with AIGP and receive interest income on a monthly basis at a high interest rate.

I trust Brian. His is personable and easily accessible. He has helped make me prosperous.

I would highly recommend Adams Investor Group to any one that needs to diversify their investments.”

David E Clymer, CPA and Audrey Clymer, Sellersville, PA


“I met Brian 10 years ago at a Commercial Real Estate Conference in Dallas and was involved in a very peculiar apartment deal with him. He and I agree never to do another HUD financing deal again. This was difficult for a variety of reasons. Out of that deal this is what I know about Brian and I will be brief and to the point. Brian is HONEST, has integrity, ethics, is available to explain and walk through processes and is just one heck of a nice guy. I look forward to doing another transaction with him again sometime in the future.“

Cynthia from Kentfield CA


“I have been investing with Brian for over 5 years. The reasons I will invest again are simple:

– Brian is very transparent about his deals and operation
– his reports are timely and detailed
– cash flow checks come on time
– Brian is conscientious and responsible, he cares about the projects he chooses to work on
– Brian personally picks up the phone and patiently answers when you have questions.”

Alexander Blyakher, Brooklyn, NY

“I have observed and participated in Brian Adams’ multifamily investment opportunities over the past 4 or 5 years and have found Brian to be a diligent and thoughtful manager with a proven record of creating success.

His formula starts with acquisition and due diligence, only firmly committing to deals that have the right valuation, market prospects, and upside potentials.

His execution has been strong, as is evidenced by the great returns on projects acquired.

I plan on continuing with multiple investments with Brian.”

Ron DeGregorio


“I have worked with Brian on one investment in the Atlanta area; “The Pines at Greenbriar”.

This was a very successful value-add opportunity. I will continue to look to Brian for further opportunities as he endorses them.

There are several things I like about Brian but three of his key attributes include his conservative financial analysis, he does what he says he will do, and his communication to investors is superior.

When you invest with Brian you will receive a monthly operating and financial package that will detail the status of the property compared against his underwriting investment figures. If there are issues, he will address them directly either in the monthly report or by separate correspondence. It is comforting to know that my retirement funds are seriously managed.

The Pines at Greenbriar had an exit plan between 3-5 years. Brian had the value-add plan and stabilization of the property completed and the property sold in approximately 18 months. The final value of the property exceeded the original investment return. I am comfortable that Brian won’t pursue any opportunities with too much risk, nor will he take on anything that is outside of his experience and comfort.”

Jim & Ashley Miller Castle Rock, CO


“I met Brian via BiggerPockets in 2016, and after discussing with him and several of his prior investors to vet my fit with his company and approach, decided to participate in the Flint River Crossing multi-family apartment complex deal.

I was very impressed with Brian’s professionalism and smooth execution of this deal, as well as with his transparency, thoroughness, attention to detail, and communication before, throughout, and after — not to mention that the deal delivered (in fact significantly exceeded) Brian’s financial performance targets.

I have found Brian to be honest and smart and a worthy partner in my real estate investments, and I’ve learned a lot from working with him, which is also important to me.

I am happy to recommend to friends and family members alike who are in such a position to do so to consider working with him, and I look forward to continuing to partner with him on future deals.”

Ryan Andrade, Bay Area, California


“To date, I have invested in three multifamily syndications (all in the Atlanta area) with Brian through the Adams Investor Group.

All three investments have gone full cycle, and they have averaged over 50% return on investment.

Not only is Brian a trustworthy lead investor, he is also a patient educator. If you have a question or don’t understand a specific item in the syndication, he spends as much time as needed to ensure you have an answer, and more importantly understand the answer.

He is also a great communicator. As a passive investor, I very much appreciate the monthly updates and they provide a sense of trust and transparency.

My experiences with Brian have been so extraordinary, that before I invested in other multifamily syndications, I called Brian to see if he had anything in the works. I trust my money with Brian.”

Steve Sprowls, Fort Worth, TX


“I specifically sought out Brian at a conference, based on a friend’s recommendation.

So much so that I even bid on a consulting session with him as part of a charity auction.

Not only did this session prove to be eye-opening, it also introduced me into his world of investors and RE opportunities.

So when the first opportunity came up to participate in his syndication, my husband and I jumped on it without hesitation.

Everything my friend originally said is proving to be true:
1. His due-diligence is conservative and detailed
2. Regular communications are extremely transparent
3. Reporting is meticulous (yes, I’m one of those nerds who looks at the register)
4. Brian is easily reached and is responsive via email

My husband and I are two professionals with full time jobs, two kids, and weekends filled with activities.

Now instead of dealing with broken toilets and lightbulbs at our rentals (which we still own, but wonder if we should), we can passively collect our interest, feel safe about our principal, and enjoy great partnership with a trusted professional.”

Vita Vygovska, Richboro, PA


“I first discovered Brian when he was a guest on the Bigger Pockets podcast. At the time, I had a couple single family rentals, but they were slow, time consuming, cash hogs. Eventually they all started working, but not without time, effort, and more cash. Brian opened my eyes to the power of partnering with others to invest more passively and more securely in larger multi-family deals. I didn’t have the capital to play at that level game yet, but I reached out anyway. Brian graciously took my call and gave me valuable tips on how I could grow my reserves to be able to play in the future.

Fast forward a few years (and a few more mistakes playing solo) and I reached back out to Brian. He was as gracious as ever, and this time I could get in the game. Brian provided written presentations and materials that gave the best orientation on both his underlying strategy and all the details on a pending deal. He anticipated every question I had and then some. Then once the deal was closed, he provided fantastic ongoing communications. Complete transparency through easy-to-understand emails, full financial monthly disclosures, video updates, and even a few personal calls and texts to see if I had any questions. I didn’t feel like a tiny investor. I felt like a VIP client.

I’ve since worked with other private equity firms and explored other large real estate opportunities. AIGP holds the gold standard in quality customer experience. I just convinced one of my mentors to stop settling for a “retail” investment experience with one of the largest investment banks in the world. I told them, “You deserve world class service … not world sized bureaucracy.”

Oh, and the financial returns have exceeded all our expectations and proforma forecasts in both magnitude and speed. That certainly helps! ”

Lee and Dr. Krysta Scott, Idaho