If you ask Wall Street, the answer is no!

If you ask the government, you will find that they are perfectly fine with your holding real estate in your IRA.

Why would Wall Street leave real estate off the permitted investments section of their IRA applications?

One word: Profit. You see, they can make a fortune off of you when you invest your IRA in one of their over managed, fee-heavy mutual funds. There are fat commission checks handed out when you take their stockbrokers’ advice about buying and selling stocks in your IRA. Money market accounts are another great place for you to park your money as they skim their profits off the top before handing you the rest.

No mention of real estate because they haven’t figured out how to make a profit from you through your IRA.

Is there a solution to all of this?

You had better believe it!

My background is I am a CPA and this tax strategy is 100% legal. You should also know that this strategy has been around since the 70’s.

Our investment team has learned the power of getting a true self directed IRA. They are out there and we know exactly where to look! These companies are different because they are true IRA specialists. They simply earn their money on set up and maintenance fees. Because they do not manage the investments within the IRA, they are unbiased as to what you put in there. As long as its legal.

Our team has established a great connection with one of the leading self-directed IRA companies.

If you are curious to learn more, you should click this link and watch a webinar on using a self-directed IRA to investContact us via e-mail or phone and we will be happy to connect you!