real estate investing

You can easily profit with real estate by choosing a marketplace in which to buy income producing real estate that is in the Path of Progress.

The path of progress is where the majority of new construction is taking place. Where economic growth is occurring and where “things” are happening.

The number of building permits that are being applied for and where building is projected to take place is an early indicator to help determine where to buy.

New construction means that the area fills up with what are called ‘Class A’ properties. They are usually clean, modern, and beautiful looking properties.

Tenants usually consider these properties highly desirable.

As more people move in and demand increases, the supply of housing shrinks and rents and property values increase.

Buying properties on the edge of the path of progress locks in a lot of profit and future equity.

Determining where to buy and when is one of our investing team’s core strategies and abilities.

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