habits of successful real estate investors

Through the years, I have come across and worked with numerous real estate investors all over the country. I have observed that those who excel in what they do share the same habits – without fail.

Amazing right?

These people come from different family backgrounds, markets and invest in different types of real estate. Although they have differences, they are also unified by their shared passion for success.

Ever wonder what they practice to be successful?

HABIT #1: Always Eager to Learn

Top investors love to read and they read voraciously! If it’s true that you can gauge a person’s wealth by the size of their personal library, then they could possibly make it to the Fortune 100.

They stay away from wasting time with TV and Facebook and focus on books and education based materials as their companions. They just love to feed their brains.

As they say, knowledge is POWER!

HABIT #2: They Focus on Their Goals

Goals give meaning to our lives. Aside from attaining their personal goals, top investors also value success in other areas of life.

They want to organize their activities and keep things in order. They prioritize on things that will bring them one step closer to their goals or final outcome.

HABIT #3: They Take Action

Can you guess what the key difference between the average investor compared to a top investor?

Massive Action plus consistency!

Some investors take action, but they also work in “spurts”. At one moment they could be so excited and driven to get working on a deal, but after just a few hours or days they give up.

It’s never easy to be consistent and even my top investors at times also have lost their momentum.  The successful investors act consistently – no excuses. They could lose focus, energy or desire but winning over distractions is also their strength.

Now ask yourself:

**Are you always eager to learn?

**Do you focus on your goals?

**Do you take action consistently?

If you have three straight YES’s then give yourself a pat on the back. If not, work harder! Challenge yourself!

Success in investments and in life is all about HABITS so choose your habits well!