Your assets and investments provide you an opportunity to grow your money.

Over the past 18 years working as a CPA, I have observed how my most successful clients have generated their wealth.

I have worked with clients who have a few hundred thousand to clients who are worth more than $50 million dollars. I have witnessed wealth being created by leveraging real estate investing.

To grow your assets, real estate is one of the most attractive investments for this purpose. Real estate tends to appreciate in value over time, making it a stable long-term investment.

Unlike other types of investments, though, real estate can also become a passive income generator that will provide immediate income for the duration of the investment.

This passive income machine works by renting out the properties you invest in. By charging tenants more for rent than the property costs you to maintain, you can cover all the costs of property ownership while still netting a profit.

This system will work for any type of rental property, but it’s best-suited to apartment complexes for several reasons:

You can spread the cost of ownership across several tenants, which allows you to keep rent prices low. Because there is a constant demand for affordable housing, especially during times of economic distress, you will always have willing renters.

Apartments are never 100 percent vacant. If you rent out a house and the family leaves, you’re stuck paying the bills for a property that has stopped generating income. If you rent out several units in an apartment complex, the rent of the tenants you have will counteract the lost income from an empty unit or two.

It’s easier to maintain a single apartment complex than multiple rental properties. A single property manager can easily oversee a cluster of units. If you chose instead to buy multiple single-family homes, you might need multiple property managers to handle every property.

You reap the tax benefits of depreciation. Commercial property can be depreciated over the course of its useful life, and this depreciation is written off each year on your taxes. Apartment buildings are depreciated, which allows you to take advantage of these tax breaks quickly.

Because of the reasons outlined above, apartments are attractive to other potential investors as well. This makes it easy to sell them when it comes time to cash out on your investment.

If you have money to invest, apartment buildings are a smart choice. By hiring a property manager to deal with the day-to-day maintenance of the property, you can reap the rewards of property investing and passive income without worrying about the minutiae of dealing with tenants.

The end result is a powerful investment that will put money in your pocket every month until you choose to sell and cash in on your investment.

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