Brian K. Adams is a founding member of Adams Investor Group, LLC a company dedicated to creating wealth for others so that my clients make safe and consistent profits. Mr. Adams is also a practicing certified public accountant (CPA) specializing in real estate taxation and forensic accounting. Throughout his career, Mr. Adams has focused on advising high net worth individuals on the overall business impact of their investments, as well as how to maximize tax favorable positions. As real estate can be a complex but highly beneficial investment option, Mr. Adams has developed a deep expertise in advising clients on everything from investment structure, tax position, tax compliance, fraud detection, and forensic investigation.

Mr. Adams graduated from a private university in the East Coast with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and began his career in public accounting. Mr. Adams went on to join the elite accounting firm of Arthur Andersen where he began to consult on tax issues unique to Real Estate Partnerships and high net worth individuals. From there, Mr. Adams began to link his technical expertise in real estate accounting with his personal passion for real estate investment. Mr. Adams began investing in real estate including focusing on asset management for like minded investors nearly 10 years ago. Through his own experience, and by working at one of the top 100 law firms in the world focusing on real estate operations, Mr. Adams gained extensive experience helping clients understand their tax and cash positions, particularly with regard to investments in real estate.

Mr. Adams and his team currently own single family homes and small and large multi-family apartment complexes.

Mr. Adams takes great personal pride in his ability to analyze potential opportunities from a fiscally responsible position and understand the varying business priorities that are important to investors today. Client service is at the foundation of Mr. Adams’s business, as such he remains diligent about his continued education in both the accounting and real estate investment fields.


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